Thursday, June 11, 2009

E3 Part 1: Games I'm super excited about.

Alright, this is going to be the first part of my take on the stuff that came out of E3. These are the games that I am so very excited about.

The Last Guardian - Not much to say about this one. I've been waiting for years for another game from Team Ico. Here it is. The teaser trailer promises everything I'm looking for. And I am now going to have to purchase a PS3. I have no idea where we'll find room for it.

Overlord 2 - I admit, I haven't come close to finishing the first Overlord game. But it's so damn fun. I've heard about a fair few problems in the first one that I didn't play far enough to encounter. These are supposedly fixed in the second one. What's not to love? Brian claims that the Overlord looks like Arthas, but, hey, who wouldn't like to play as Arthas?

Assassin's Creed 2 - Again, I personally haven't played much of the first one, but they are so graphically stunning, I really enjoy it. And, again, claims have been made that most of the things people didn't like about the first game shall be remedied in the sequel.

Super Mario Bros. Wii - I'm fairly certain I have never really adapted to 3D games. So the prospect of a somewhat old school Mario side scroller is very exciting to me. Plus, Brian and I could use another game we can play together. As long as I get to be Princess Peach.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box - After I wrecked the first game (8 hours, baby. I loves me a puzzle game), it killed me to know that there were others in the series that I couldn't play. I would search the internet for whisperings of an English version of the sequels, but nothing. Finally, the second in the series is being released, and a game magazine I was flipping through at the book store stated that they plan to release the entire series in the US. Hooray! I do understand the delay, though. I imagine a puzzle game, especially something like Professor Layton which will inevitably have tons of language and cultural references in their puzzles, must be a nightmare to localize. I'm just glad that the first one did well enough to warrent them going through the effort for the others.

Star Wars: Old Republic - This game doesn't interest me personally so much as I am concerned about the possibility of losing my favorite Undead Warrior companion. If this game lives up to they hype, no Star Wars nerd will be able to resist.

Brutal Legend - Jack Black as Jack Black as Eddie Riggs in Brutal Legend. 'Nuff said. (And I still maintain that Tenacious D is the best concert I've ever been to.)

That pretty much sums up the games that I am truly excited about. There are several others that I look forward to playing, some that intrigue me, and there were a lot of E3 disappointments. But that will all have to wait til a later post.


Amanda said...

I tried to dl and play Layton 2 in Japanese, gave up quickly, CAN'T WAIT for it

Frost said...

Star Wars : The Old Republic

They say I can play either a Sith or a Jedi.

To this I say, no, I can play both.