Wednesday, June 17, 2009

[Webcomic Wednesday] From Comics Coast to Coast

As requested by Mr. Frost, I'm getting back into the Webcomic Wednesday groove. Behold, three webcomics for your entertainment. All of the following were originally suggestions from Brian Dunnaway and Justin Thompson's podcast Comics Coast to Coast.


This little gem comes from Comics Coast to Coast co-host (try saying that five times fast), Justin Thompson. Admittedly, I haven't read many of them. I'm working on it. I do really enjoy Justin's whimsical style and color work. It has a simplicity that makes it absolutely endearing. The story revolves around Boody, the last dragon, and Dudley the knight who "disdains him for being his best friend".

Much the Miller's Son

I've started reading this one from the beginning, and I'm making pretty good headway. Like Mythtickle, it has a fantastic art style. The art here reminds me of the Asterix comics. The story revolves around Much, the son of the miller. He begins his adventures as one of Robin Hood's Merry Men, and things pretty much go downhill from there. A great read.

Cock & Bull

I really enjoy this one. After reading the first couple, I wasn't sure I was going to like it. But I soon found that I had read through every single strip and had fallen in love with it. I really enjoy the simple black and white line art. More and more comics are moving to full color, so that this is still black and white really helps set it apart. A word to the wise... The language is often foul, and they're certainly not above making horrible puns. But that's the charm. It's great for a quick laugh.

Three fantastic webcomics, ready for your consumption. All of them suggestions from Comics Coast to Coast. Please do visit these sites, click their sponsers, the whole deal.

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Olan said...

You hit the highlights of the D&D webcomics!

I know this one doesn't even deserve to hold the cloaks of the above comics, but you might find it enjoyable.

Loaded Dice follows a group of gamers and the adventures of their characters. D&D humor and groan-worthy puns abound.