Tuesday, June 16, 2009

[Rant] An open letter to hosts of Warcraft Podcasts

Please, please, please. I'm begging you. When hosting a podcast, please don't speak as if you were in trade chat. "DK" does not take any less time to say than "Death Knight". Do not say "Lol" while actually laughing out loud. It's "Congratulations" not "grats". While these acronyms and colloquialisms may save in game chat times, you shouldn't have to rush your podcast.

I may be somewhat dismayed at the sloppiness of internet chat, but I accept that it's not going to change. I mean, somewhere along the way, people decided that "it is" is too long and made it "it's". That's fine. Language, especially written language in this age of faster communication, must evolve. Keystrokes are time, people. I get that. But please, people, there's no character count when you're speaking. Use real words.

That being said, I have no problems with using some acronyms. If you want to say BRD instead of Black Rock Depths, I'll accept that. Sometimes that's the only way I learn what the acronym actually stands for. DoTs are fine. Call it WoW. But let's be reasonable.

I've been trying to expand my podcast listening, maybe adding one or two more Warcraft related ones, and I just can't bring myself to do it. I downloaded one today, which shall remain nameless, but I just couldn't get past the WoW speak. This is, of course, not a universal problem. The Instance is safe. How I WoW is fine. WoW Insider is tolerable. These shows seem to have set a certain standard of professionalism for themselves, and because of that, the language used is, well, professional.

And if you want someone to listen to your product, a little professionalism might help.


Rich said...

A basic principle of written (And should be podcast) communications is that the first time you use an abbreviation in a letter (podcast), you spell out what it means. For example:

"Tuesday we went to BRD - Black Rock Depths - and got our butts handed to us. We're going back to BRD Thursday and this time we will prevail!"

Shawn said...


Renata and Starman on World of Warcast use to say "G" instead of "gold" and it drove me absolutely nuts!